the one and only girl of kindness


  The  Ozark Mountain Men sing, “If you want to get to Heaven, you gotta raise  a little hell (flip it) – I was raised by strong self-determined and  self-made true WOMEN. If you separate the syllables that lie within the English word FEMALE, “FE” is  latin for FAITH, which is why we are stronger by our very nature in that  we hold Faith in ourselves to fear less and fly high above the “norm”.  We are True Golden Gals - 4 generations of big blue sky and blue-eyed Brightness held strong by a north star  internal compass lantern connected along 4 generations. It is not  surprising that my daughter is a home grown, deeply rooted rose +  passion fruit for animals and humans alike to experience. My little OHM buds HUman. (encompassing all Hughes across the spectrum)
 The  quote “The Truth shall set you free “ is for real. It is no coincidence  that those that are gifted with the “arts” of song and dance exude an  image they do - they have the capability to imagine a true, better place and they have the desire to  read their giftedness. They work hard to spread their messages hoping  for the likes of others to discover and truly “get it”, The Bigger  Picture. For the few and far between who truly DO appreciate the worlds of arts and crafts, they soak it in when they can  and bask in the “escape” to feel better.
 Another  thing I hear often is “go big or go home”. Well, I can say for a fact  that I am home, exactly in the same house where I was once an infant,  and am now a big kid, all Grown UP, and so, just like little livi says - I am by my very nature an  intertwined lasso, ready and willing to GO either way here or there,  THE WILL TRULY IS THE WAY OUT from the dark and INTO the LIGHT! A real  MOM single parent powered is here for Good. My light is truly ON G and she will be reinforced with continual love  and affection no matter what : 100% nurtured by her own very being and  existence. She has only just begun in her quest to reach out in order to  see the real good kindness in everyone - both far left and right. She has taken over the reigns of her worldly  experiences. She has learned to handle the bully as courteous as  possible. She is steering her own ship all by herself with bravery and  no fear. Anything and everything you could possibly imagine has already happened to her and yet she has never once felt knocked  down.
 It’s  only upwards and onwards for this social butterfly because her very  nature offers continual true acceptance of all. The real big party is  just getting started . She is coming for REAL and trust me, she’s beyond ready to ROCK n ROLL - she  serves to aid all those in the trenches that may be broken because her  band of true AID to those in real need serves to mend and fix all with  one very simple purpose: a real better Place. And she does it with a real message of kindness with the voice of an  angel who sings from above She does this in the most simplest of ways: a  wide open smile. Trust me, if you have just tuned in to her whole milk  outlooks of her every day local life gone wild and global, you ain’t seen nothing yet. She’s begging and knocking for  people to come out and watch her,play with her, and have fun. Won’t you  be her neighbor? It’s Her that wants to show the world and teach and she  is about to be 9, the last single digit birthday for childlike nature who wants to truly “see” American great for her  real future generation and those to follow. It’s her time.
 She  is wanting to spread Her own love that she was born with to give to all  others. She offers a cup of her tea with a spoon full of sugar and  hopes you will just BE happy for that second. She loves to offer her hand out to hold the hand of others,  no matter how old,young, rich, or poor. She isn’t scared of germs and  she has never been sick. Her heart, mind, and soul comes from the powers  that BE above in the fact that we all get to experience her presence and sunny disposition. Round up the  regulators, she’s got a world to save and whole lot of loving to give.  She wants to make a real difference and help even the bullies of this  world by teaching them how they too can stop being mean.
 As  her mother I want her to believe that “If you build it, they will  come.” I will do what it takes to help her get her microphone turned on  louder and the spotlight shining ever so brightly.. If we have to get some 2x4s and plank wood to build a  stage in our front yard and film it ourselves, we will. Let a real girl  tell her real story and keep helping all that want to feel better and  listen to her funny ways and theories, sunny disposition, and God’s songs.
 She  told me, plain and simple - “Mommy, thank you for this life you have  given me, rich or poor, no matter where we go - I am happy so you do not  need to worry anymore, please just focus on ME, I am the ball that you need to be confidant and see  that I am truly GREAT and that is enough, we are AOK mommy, honestly -  the sun comes out every day and I am just happy to be alive, thank you  mommy”. It is because of her strength in believing not only in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but her belief in me as seen in  her doe eyes that look right into my heart saying “We CAN do this and  help all RISE UP mommy to a better place”.
 I  am a proud linguist and user of my words as a tool to better  communicate within all of our real known communities where we live and  coexist in cohabitation. My daughter calls her world Livation and proudly loves to say her shoes are on her way -  LIVerse - it is not “con” anything even though the branding on her  tennis shoes reads converse. And I know from my own ears that her way  literally IS living day in and day out in her song’s verse. She’s got her flags held high and her rose colored ship’s sail is  always ready to embark outwards from her own unique Pearl Harbor  towards a new day of discovery. In Spain, her Arch of Kindness is  translated verbatim - arcograce, and ark of Grace she sets sail to heal the world and yield toward her middle ground she calls  Neutrality in crossing together her two different CURAD bandaids (camo  and rainbow). In placing them together on her own piece of paper at her  desk, she gleefully asks, “Mommy, did you know that when you put one bandaid on top of the other that they make a  cross?” Yes, just like the same multiplication sign you use in math  class. “But mommy, the two bandaids on my piece of paper cannot be equal  in length, because there should be more rainbow peace love in the world rather than the hunting camouflage army colored  bandaid.
 It  is that easy for this little girl to find new ways to delight in making  her own world a better, brighter place for all to come join her and  live in her RIGHT light. My real question for “us” adults is why can’t we simply follow a child’s way out  of our own problems and really rise up and see the brighter way of  living? It’s time to cut to the chase for Real. There is no time like  the present to get started on really digging our way out of our own miseries and into the child’s version of happier  neutrality. I believe that we can all agree that the early bird Does get  the worm! So, let’s go spread her light and re-educate ourselves for a  REAL good life for all . You can feel her sun’s radiance. It’s so powerful that if you meet her in real life you really  CAN feel the burn!!
 She  is Kindly and ever-so-politely asking anyone and everyone to help  spread her real life’s story foreword ; She is hoping that by doing so,  Real Light will shine on the two geographically different worlds she lives in : her father's world in  Spain and her mother's world in America. She wants for all to see that  they are really not so different . If she is perfectly happy living in  both, then it shouldn't be so hard for everyone to really try to get along and live peacefully in the real heartfelt  harmony she lives in between her worlds united in Grace. She stands for  all to really SEE and help the world to mend what’s broken in spreading  her Grace local and global via the world wide web of her inner true kindness for ALL beings of this planet we call  Earth.
 She  is calling on ALL, both adults and children alike, to spread her light  Sponsor 'HER SHIP'. No matter who you worship, she doesn’t want fame or  fortune, she just wants to share her world with you and find someone to play with that is nice,  each and every day of her God given blessed life! Praise her social  butterfly BEE, it is under and over all eyes to really SEE. This child’s  right light, perfectly imperfect in her strong stance to choose to not have to choose which world she likes better to  live IN - she chooses her own inner world’s state of beauty which is to  share with ALL .She knows and truly leads by example in teaching her  desire to Show Both sides what it’s really like to be forever 8, united in union, while at the same time multinational,  native trilingual and a dual passport carrying global citizen of  Kindness.
 I  would like to take the time here to really give thanks to all the  FAMILIES we have had the pleasure of coming into contact with throughout  the years in our travels and journeys world wide - all of our friends,teachers, schools (public and private)  and church denominations that have helped me in being there for Olivia.  This has helped further along Her very colorful and unique palette of  100% positive nature & nurture. It has truly helped in formulating and further reinforcing this child’s true  well-being. Trust me, I know for a fact that her crest she holds high up  on her wall in her bedroom which says” THE ONE AND ONLY GIRL OF  KINDNESS” cannot be accredited to “just her mother”. She has helped teach me to see the true meaning in life in her colors, and I  know it is from within all of our communities that we have been blessed  with help and guidance in holding both of our hands tightly.